In the beginning, it started from something little by sharing some art-related content on my social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat, on the topic of the art exhibitions and art fairs that I went to and enjoyed. I posted a few brief introductions and comments on the artworks I like. I did it was purely for joy and I saw it as a journal of my art adventure. What I didn’t expect is how popular it has become among friends and new followers online. I’m so grateful when they tell me how much they like the posts and look forward to my new blog, even the newly met friends! I’m really happy when they say that through my blogs they have broadened the horizons of their ordinary lives, their knowledge of art has increased, and most importantly they have started to have more appreciate of more the beauty of art! Not until then did I realise that there are so many friends around me who, with children, are eager to enjoy the beauty of art and refine their appreciation.

I feel blessed that I was born into a family of artists and spent some of my childhood in the courtyard of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. After graduating from high school, I got an opportunity to go to Japan to study Visual Communication Design and Fine Art. In addition, I met many art connoisseurs, collectors, critics, art historians, and other scholars in what is seen as the heart of traditional Japanese culture, Kyoto. Immersing myself in their influence and nurtured by them, with tireless study and research, I have gradually acquired my own understanding and feelings about art. And with all of the art activities that I engaged in later, from antique appraisal, art collection consulting to contemporary art criticism and curation, all of this made me feel empowered.

I would like to continue to share my the knowledge of and feelings about art with the friends around me and the next generation of young people. This seems to be my life calling for something bigger and more meaningful, moreover, it has become a vocation of mine.

After more than a year of deep thinking and preparation, we have funded a creative studio in London, Wagahai Studio, aiming to establish a platform to connect people who share in our perspective. We aim to love life more, by adding an extra touch of art in our everyday lives.

Why has art education become more and more important than ever before?

With the rapid development of science and technology in the 21st century and the continuous progress of human society nowadays, people’s lives are increasingly being impacted by the collision of innovation and traditional values. The development of AI technology has gradually changed society’s dependence on human beings. It is like the invention of the steam engine more then190 years ago, which gradually replaced humans with machines, which triggered the global industrial revolution and accelerated the pace of human progress. To continually adapt to the new era and to survive in the next generation, we must pay more attention to the importance of critical thinking and creativity. For young people, imagination and creativity will be essential skills for the foreseeable future.

A knowledge and understanding of art, and a need for art are not only for people who want to become artists, but also for people from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, investors, politicians, and so on. We believe creative thinking is an indispensable skill for people in all industries.

Art course Founder & Curator: Betty Lutyens-Humfrey 

Online Courses

Online Manga Drawing Course

17 December 2021 – 8 January 2022 (finished)

Clear, easy to understand Manga drawing course designed for

Under 9 years old / 10-17+ years old

Key USPs:

1. Learn how to draw and create in the unique anime/manga style;

2. Cover some essential tips and tricks for creating dynamic designs, such as anime proportions, advancing anime bodies, etc.;

3. Know about anime and manga bodies and how you can draw these figures even from imagination;

4. Be able to draw all the muscles with a crash course on anatomy, and much more to make your own anime character.

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