NFT Martketplaces

There are a lot of different NFT marketplaces out there and on different chains, so where do you begin? Today we will list some of the most popular NFT marketplaces so you can start exploring on your own. We will have some more detailed walkthroughs on navigating the NFT space later on, so stay tuned!

Please keep in mind that all content presented in this article is for educational purposes only, not financial advice.


Ethereum is the home to the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, and many of the new NFT projects, including those from big companies, which constantly cause network congestion. This also shows that Ethereum is still the most popular blockchain to deploy NFT projects despite the high cost. To interact with these marketplaces, we recommend using MetaMask.

Here are some of the NFT marketplaces on Ethereum:


OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace on any blockchains, home to many well-known projects such as CryptoPunks. 

Franctional Art

Here you can buy a fractional piece of an NFT. For instance, you can buy 1% of a CryptoPunk for a few ETH instead of a few hundred. Beware that there is no guarantee that your fractional piece will hold value so please do your own due diligence.


Rarible offers a more curated experience with its curation decision carried out by its governance. RARI is its governance token.


Unlike the platforms above, you will need to be invited by SuperRare in order to mint the NFT that can be displayed on its platform. This ensures the quality of the artwork but could also limit the exposure. It has its governance token RARE.


Audius is a music streaming platform open for all musicians. The use of NFT and its governance token AUDIO allows artists to safely share and monetise their works.


Polygon functions very similarly to Ethereum, and it offers much cheaper transaction fees. In fact, many of the NFT marketplaces on Ethereum offers Polygon ‘version’, so we will not list all of them here. We also recommend using MetaMask here, pretty much the same as with Ethereum.

Here are some of the NFT marketplaces on Polygon:


OpenSea is also on Polygon, all you need to do is switch network. For instance, you can view the NFT rankings on Polygon using the link below:


A gotchi game that you can dress up your ghosts. Brought to you by AAVE.


Ronin chain is used for Axie Infinity only (for now), just in case you have heard of it somewhere.

Axie Infinity

Collect Axies and battle. There are also lands for you to build your strongholds.


Solana offers extremely fast transaction speed and low fees. We are seeing many new NFT projects choosing to deploy on Solana. Fundementally Solana functions differently from Ethereum, so you will need a different wallet. We recommend using the Phantom wallet.

Here are some of the NFT marketplaces on Solana:


Similar to SuperRare, Solanart is an invite-only NFT marketplace. You should be able to find most of the latest Solana NFT projects here.

Magic Eden

Similar to Solanart, Magic Eden is a curated NFT marketplace. 


Solsea functions similar to OpenSea – open to all. At the time of writing, Solsea is planning. to integrate the AART token. Please do your own due diligence.


The ecosystem of Tezos is still relatively small so there are less to explore, but we are including it due to its superior underlying technology and future potential. 

hic et nunc

hic et nunc focuses mainly on fine art created by individual artists, so you might not find many generative or PFP NFTs here. The platform still lacks many functionalities, but we hope that it will change soon.

Do Your Own Research

Minting an NFT is easy, and the value of an NFT depends on how much the next buyer is willing to pay. It is illiquid, and most of the current NFTs only hold image links to centralised servers. If you choose to speculate in the NFT space, do so carefully and know that most of the NFTs might lose all their values in the coming months or years.

Do your own research, do your due diligence, check the NFT communities, check their teams, check reviews, check roadmaps. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Happy collecting!

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